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16 reasons why Indian Muslims are Anti-Nationals!

Indian Muslims - Anti Nationals

Here are 16 shocking facts why all Indian Muslims are anti-nationals.

Sorry for misleading you guys but the thing is that.... SENSATIONALISM WORKS. Oldest trick in the book but still gets attention, click baits are back (a moment of silence for those who came for the title :p ) and true journalism is dead (R.I.P.)

Honestly this is my first ‘listicle’ and has nothing to do with anti-nationals nor Muslims but if you're still interested, here is a list of things 16 things that I (Just another average Indian like most of you) learned in 2016.

Most of these learnings have come through stuff I've read, people I've met and mistakes I've made. You may agree or disagree with me and regardless of your opinion, it will be interesting to know what you think.


1. Don’t be an ‘AAPtard’. Don’t be a ‘Bhakt’. Be smart. Be loyal to the country and to your partner but not political parties.

2. Always see the best in people. Trump is named after my favourite duck.

3. It’s special to be ordinary. Value those who don’t get the credit. Farmers, Soldiers, Sweepers, Labourers, Helpers, Peons, Delivery boys, Attendants and anyone who helps make our country truly awesome.

4. Over commit. Over deliver. Over and over again. Push yourself so no one pushes you.

5. Goodness is its own reward. Don’t expect anything from anyone in return.

6. Agree to disagree. Have an opinion. Keep it. And let others do the same because what works for you may not work for someone else.

7. Always hear all sides to a story and then form your opinion. Life is easier with options.

8. Unfollow KRK. Like right now! 'Tafri' (Fun) ki bhi limit hoti hai bhai.

9. Fail. Fail fast. And go on. Embarrassment is better than regret.

10. Be shameless. Thick-skinned. About your ideas and about what you do.

11. Be emotional about people. Not about what they think!

12. Never judge people. Judge actions. Good people are good. Bad people are bad. You’ll find both kinds in every country, race, cast and religion. (Pretty basic stuff but still)

13. Take risks, not drugs! (Wait, is weed a drug? Don’t think so, anyway your call)

14. Identify your comfort zone. And get the fuck out of it!

15. Delve deeper. Don't fall for sensationalism. And do not let hate motivate you.

16. Do whatever you want. Heck, write a stupid listicle! Agree, disagree, do something, do anything, do nothing.. Just be happy and stay that way because you have every right to!

Haha! Kidding. Have a fantastic 2017 and may you find what works for you :)

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