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What Works - Our brand new office!

What Works - Office Exterior

We recently shifted into our new work space in Aram Nagar, Versova. The place was a rundown rental studio used for conducting auditions, but when we saw it, we knew it could become extremely interesting. So we called the dynamic duo, Nooriya and Maad, from Designtastic Interiors, to help us with the layout and interior design.The challenge was to make it look stunning and that too at a reasonable cost.

​​Our creative brief to Designtastic was that the office should be quirky, cosy, comfortable, positive, culturally rich and above all homely. Considering our work hours and erratic timelines, it was imperative to make it a fun place where the team can eat, drink, work, play, chill, inspire, motivate, learn, teach, fail, laugh, appreciate, criticise, collaborate and do whatever it takes to find what works for us and our clients and audiences. The office should reflect the collective personality of our team and provide them with a space where they can thrive personally and professionally.

​​​We've shunned conventional 'wisdom' when it comes to our work, culture, liberty, transparency, fairness and thought process. And the same applies to our office as well. We do not have office timings as we believe people have their own creative clock and not everyone is equally active at 9am. The outside area is the eating, smoking, reading, chilling zone and is WiFi enabled with an unlimited supply of Lunch, Cutting Chai, Iced Tea, Hot and Cold Coffee and of course Cheese Masala Maggi.

For the interiors, we wanted a welcoming vibe that feels like home. A place that the team can customise. Again the Designtastic Team did a fabulous job in understanding our needs and adapting the design considering all practicalities.

Edit and Post Production Area

What Works - Post Production Area
What Works - Post Production - Editing Area

The Main Work Area

The Meeting and Preview Room

The new office is an ever-evolving place that will keep changing with time and ideas of our fantastic team. Full marks to Nooriya and Maad from Designtastic for their creativity, vision, planning and brilliance. Special thanks to everyone else who helped make this happen.

We'd be delighted to hear your feedback and you're always welcome to walk in to our space and get talking with us!


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